A pharmacy is one of the most lucrative business options available in Zimbabwe for entrepreneurs. It has proven to be profitable if run properly. However, due to the sensitivity of the products and services sold by these institutions, there are quite some registrations that need to be  done before operations can start.

This guide will dwell on the 5 steps on how to register a pharmacy in Zimbabwe.

How to register a pharmacy in Zimbabwe : Company Registration

Step 1: Company Registration

The first step when you are registering a pharmacy in Zimbabwe is to register a company.

However, due to regulatory requirements by the Medical Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) which is the body that regulates pharmacies, you must register as a Private Limited Company (PLC) only. No other company structure is accepted for example, a Private Business Corporation (PBC).

Here is the option for registering a Private Limited Company in Zimbabwe.

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How to register a pharmacy : Shop license acquisition

Step 2: Shop License Acquisition

The second step to register a pharmacy in Zimbabwe is to acquire a shop license. City councils require every retailer you to have a shop license otherwise they wont allow you to operate a pharmacy or any other retailing business for that matter. This statutory law is a must.

You must display the shop license on the pharmacy premises at all times. The city fathers usually have random checks on business premises to check for this requirement.

There are heavy penalties for not having a shop license. Shop licenses are also renewed yearly.

Get help

We can assist you in acquiring a shop license.

How to register a pharmacy : Health professions authority registration

Step 3: Health Professions Authority (HPA) Registration

You can visit www.hpa.co.zw to find out how to register with the Health Professions Authority. You will be required to download a form at https://www.hpa.co.zw/downloads.php that you are supposed to fill in the required details and make the necessary payments. If you are not tech savvy, you might as well visit their offices.

HPA inspectors will visit the premises between 1-14 days to see if you meet their pharmacy criteria and if they are satisfied, you will be issued with a certificate which is to be displayed on the premises at all times otherwise it will attract a penalty.

Medicine control authority license acquisition

Step 4: Medicine Control Authority (MCAZ) License Acquisition

The Medical Control Authority (MCAZ) licenses pharmacies that meet the medicines, allied substances and medical devices safety and quality standards. They require the following for licensing:

  • Health Professions Authority (HPA) license
  • Completion of the MC-8 form by the MCAZ
  • Completion of dossiers according to MCAZ guidelines
How to register a pharmacy : Pharmacists council of Zimbabwe registraion

Step 5: Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe (PCZ) Registration

It is a prerequisite that every pharmacy should have an on-site licensed pharmacist. The pharmacists council issues licenses to qualified pharmacists. For licensing, they require the professional qualifications of the on-site pharmacist.

Conclusively, these steps may seem daunting, but it’s a worthy exercise because of the benefits accrued in the long run.

 We hope this article on 5 steps on how to register a pharmacy in Zimbabwe helped you.

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