The procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe is selecting company structure and structure, filling in the registration form, payment and name search and document preparation and signing. These will be explained in detail below.

Procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe

  1. Choose company structure

    The first step in the procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe is choosing a company structure. You can choose between a Private Limited Company (PLC) and a Private Business Corporation (PBC). The choice largely depends on your needs.

  2. Choose company registration package

    We have four Private Limited Company packages and four Private Business Corporation Packages. We also have four packages for non-Zimbabwean residents. Choose the package that suits your budget.

  3. Fill in registration form

    This stage requires 5 minutes of your time to complete your online company registration application form. This can also be done at our offices. You will be asked to provide your company’s registered office address and details of all company directors and shareholders/members.

  4. Payment

    Payment can be done at our offices or through our many payment platforms.

  5. Name search

    We will conduct a name search with the names you have provided on the application form. The name search results will be out within 24 working hours

  6. Document preparation

    After the name search results are out, we will prepare the company documents.

  7. Document signing

    Every shareholder is supposed to sign their usual signature alongside their name.

What happens next?

Your application will then be sent to Companies Registry for incorporation.

The Companies Registry usually take around 7-9 working days to process a new company, however, this is subject to Companies Registry workload, and sometimes it can take longer.

Once your company has been incorporated, we will send your company documents. If your order includes a tax clearance we will start processing the tax clearance.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.